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Mission Statement And Values


Mission Statement

· To Accept all people with a Christ-like love  

· To provide opportunities to experience Christ in everyday life. 

· To serve the community with Christ-centered mentored relationships.  




· We seek to live as a unique community of faith in which everyone feels welcome and accepted. Opportunities are provided for all to ask questions, seek guidance, receive support and express honest feelings in a confidential environment.   


· We endeavor to become aware of the needs of all who interact with our youth ministry and to demonstrate compassion, concern and care because Christ first loved us.  

· We are committed to a spiritually grounded youth ministry that seeks to be more like Christ and demonstrates the fruits of the Spirit. This ministry is developed based on the foundation of a common faith in God’s grace through Jesus Christ.  

· We affirm that all believers are specifically gifted by the Holy Spirit and are called to serve within the body of Christ. We acknowledge that Jesus’ call to love God and our neighbors can be costly and involves giving of our time, our talents and ourselves. 


· We strive to communicate consistently with a contagious excitement about our faith that will draw youth and families, both members and nonmembers to become a part of both our youth ministry and our church family. We will do our best to always communicate our faith clearly, effectively and confidently with others. 

What are they saying

"The group taught me that friends are always there for each other."  

I like...

...the self-esteem group because I can talk about my feelings and problems openly, as well as helping others with theirs." 

"... the self-esteem group because I know I can tell them anything and I know they wont judge me."

"... the self-esteem because you can express yourself."

"... the closeness of the group."

".. .how we can share everything."

"... the youth group because it is a fun and safe environment."  

"... how nice the kids are."  

"... the youth group because I get to meet and hang out with my new friends and play games."  

"... the youth group because you can make friends and do something fun."  

"... how the youth group brings people together to do great things."  

"... how the youth group involves us in church and with the other kids."