Summer Worship Information


Beginning July 7th 2019 and continuing thru Sunday Sept. 1, 2019, our 8:30 (“Spirited Traditional”) and 10:30 (Contemporary) worship services will be combined into to a single blended service @ 10:30 combining elements of both services.  We will return to the normal schedule the Sunday after Labor Day (Sept 8)

Worship Information


Traditional Service 8:30am

 Our traditional worship service is referred to as “Spirited Traditional.” While following the general flow of the Lutheran liturgical service, we have modified the service so that it is more “user friendly” for those who have not been brought up in a liturgical worship setting, or who are new to Christian worship. The music of this service features the old time hymns that are fondly remembered by so many people, and makes worship meaningful for them. 


Contemporary Service 10:30am

 Our contemporary worship service highlights the current contemporary songs, which express the faith in an upbeat and up lifting manner. The music is played in such a way that it doesn’t overwhelm the senses, but rather invites participation. The general flow of the Lutheran liturgical service is also followed in this service, but again, it has been modified to be more "user friendly". 

Upcoming Sermons


10330 North Cotton Lane, Waddell, Arizona 85355, United States



  Desert Streams Church celebrates open Communion at every worship service. All who gather for worship are encouraged to participate. Children may receive the bread and the wine (or grape juice) with the permission of their parents, or they may also come forward and receive a blessing. (Non-gluten crackers are available for those who are sensitive to gluten.) First communion instruction is offered every fall for children whose parents want them to celebrate communion. The curriculum, which Desert Streams uses, has age appropriate lessons for pre-school children and older. Check the announcements and activity calendars for times and places. If you have questions, please contact the church office.  

X-Stream Kids Sunday School



X-Stream Kids Sunday Education is for K through 6th graders. We will meet during the Contemporary Worship service (10:30am) each Sunday thru May to “Dig In” (A new and exciting educational program from Group). 

Nursery/Childcare is available at both services. 

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