Mission and Values


Our Mission

"To invite everyone to a new life in Christ, a deeper relationship with Christ, and spirit filled service for Christ."

Our Values

We honor the teachings of Jesus and celebrate the transformation and hope Christ brings those wanting to make a difference with their lives!

We value the power of prayer, the relevant teaching of God's word, and vital worship using a diversity of musical styles, growth through small groups and discipleship, shared leadership, and the living of one’s faith in daily life!

Our vision is to help people experience God's love through Jesus Christ and actively reflect it to others. We believe this happens best through...

  • Real and meaningful connections with Jesus 
  • Relevant and vital teaching and music 
  • Renewed lives through discipleship and learning 
  • Relationships that are genuine and caring 
  • Relaxed, good-humored atmosphere 
  • Radical, life-changing commitment

The Bible
God's Word is our foundation, practical in addressing everyday issues, life-changing in its power and content. It's one place where we meet Jesus, and it is through this Word that Jesus becomes real to us.

The Gospel
We commit ourselves to passionately sharing the message that God has acted on our behalf in Jesus and that through the Holy Spirit we can experience a life-transforming relationship with God. Martin Luther's understanding of this Good News, that with a commitment to Word alone, Faith alone and Grace alone, undergirds and shapes our ministry.

We are committed to surrounding all we are and do in prayer, seeking to put God first in every aspect of our ministry. We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer, that prayer changes things and is an essential and important part of a disciple's life.

Welcoming ALL
We are an RIC (Reconciling In Christ) partner.
In response to the overwhelming love of God, we stand in awe of the wideness of God's mercy. In faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, mindful of our Lutheran emphasis on grace, and rejoicing in the celebration of our shared baptismal journey, we welcome as members of our extended family all those who have ever felt excluded by the Church because of their race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental challenges, financial resources or family status. As followers of Christ, all members of Desert Streams Lutheran Church are compelled by the Gospel to seek reconciliation and wholeness in a world that is all too often an unloving place. Therefore, rejoicing in God's abundant grace, we extend a special welcome to all. Whether LGBTQ, whatever country of origin or ancestry, whether believer, doubter or seeker; in Christ's love we welcome all people so that by the power of the Holy Spirit we can work together to usher in God's reign of Justice, peace and mercy.

We commit ourselves to passionately sharing the love of Christ in relevant and engaging ways with those not yet connected to Jesus or to the church. Because people outside the church matter to God, we will make them the priority of our mission. We will continually seek to create an inviting climate of warmth and hospitality that welcomes all to come and hear about Jesus at their own pace.

We believe there is an ache and need in each person's heart that finds its satisfaction and nourishment in times of vital, meaningful worship. Worship is the primary time when the "family" of Desert Streams gathers to honor God through praise and song. We seek God's guidance for daily life through God's word read and applied. Through the sacrament of Baptism we welcome new disciples. We pray for the needs of others during our worship. On a regular basis, we experience the Sacrament of Communion. For worship to be vital and meaningful, we believe it must be culturally relevant, uplifting, and participatory. So at Desert Streams, we honor heritage while at the same time employing the tools and sounds that are a part of our "shaped-by-media" culture. Worship at Desert Streams will engage all the senses through drama, spoken word, video, music, dance and the arts.

At Desert Streams we encourage people to join the adventure and journey of discipleship by creating a culture in which Bible study, devotional and life reflection are central. Learning to follow Jesus with one's whole heart, mind and soul is the aim. The teaching focus, while certainly content based, aims more at equipping adults, youth and children to live a lifestyle that fits Christ's style. We believe this happens best through small groups where people gather to learn, pray, grow in fellowship, and serve. Our vision is for a church with dozens of smaller discipleship groups for youth and adults that meet regularly at times most convenient to those participating.

We strive to live out our faith through action and service. As we give ourselves away in love and service to others, our own lives take on fuller meaning and value. We seek to be a community that will serve as Jesus served. People, we believe, are eager to make a difference with their lives and leave a legacy of significance. Putting flesh to our faith is a mark of meaningful discipleship.

We are blessed to be a blessing. As faithful stewards of resources that belong ultimately to God, we pledge to share a portion of what God has first given us to further the work of God's kingdom through the ministry of Desert Streams. We affirm that the biblical concept of the tithe is a goal toward which God invites committed disciples to aspire.

Children and Youth
We intentionally structure ministries that communicate love and spiritual truths in a way that is appropriate to each age group. Children are a gift to God and have an important and vital place in this ministry.

The goal is for each worshiper at Desert Streams to experience the kind of personal involvement, at their self-chosen pace and level, that leads to their understanding that they are "a minister" and have at least one ministry in which to exercise their spiritual gifts and one small group activity in which to actively participate.

Innovative Excellence
We are passionately committed to doing whatever it takes within the context of the Gospel to build a church that reaches all people and helps them grow in their relationship with Jesus. Risk, relevance, change, flexibility, excellence and the freedom to fail grow out of our desire to connect the Gospel to the community.

We pledge ourselves to be a faith community welcoming disciples of all Christian backgrounds. We minimize our denominational affiliation in order to maximize our call to be a community church with Jesus as its head, serving the most people possible.